Sagle, ID

James A. Sewell & Associates, LLC has been the Sagle Valley Water and Sewer District’s engineer since 2007. JAS assisted the District in expanding from a small water system of 29 customers to serving more than 200 properties currently.

The water system is composed of 3 groundwater wells and 5,600-lineal feet of distribution piping. The system also includes a 330,000-gallon above-grade water storage reservoir. Water levels in the tank are controlled by a transducer with radio-transmitted control to the well pumps. Adequate pressure to the District’s customers is controlled by water levels in the tank. The system is capable of providing fire flow within the District’s boundaries.

JAS assisted the District in obtaining grants and loans, designed the water system, prepared public works contract documents, assisted with bidding administration, and provided construction engineering and oversight. Most recently, JAS assisted the District with obtaining a planning grant from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to create a Facilities Plan for a new public sewer system to serve the Sagle area.

Regulatory agencies that JAS frequently contacts and assists our client with permitting for this project include the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and the Idaho Department of Water Resources.

The Sagle Water Tank Recoating project consisted of the repair of inferior and damaged powder coating of the interior of the Sagle Valley Water and Sewer District standpipe water tank. The quality of the tank interior powder coating from the manufacturer was inferior, which resulted in rust damage within the first year of operation. Also, the interior coating was damaged in certain locations during the erection process, which resulted in rusting of those locations. As a result of the inferior and damaged interior coating, the original coating was sand-blasted for removal, then a primer and finish coat of paint was applied. The new paint system appears to be performing well.