In urban planning, land use planning seeks to order and regulate land use, thus preventing land use conflicts. It is the systematic assessment of land and water potential, alternatives for land use, and economic and social conditions in order to select and adopt the best land use options. Often one element of a comprehensive plan, a land use plan provides a vision for the future possibilities of development in neighborhoods, districts, cities, or any defined planning area. Land use planners work in the public sector for governmental and non-profit agencies, and in the private sector for businesses related to land, community, and economic development. Through research, design, and analysis of data, a planner's work is to create a plan for some aspect of a community.

We offer our clients complete Land Use Planning services, including Project Design, Agency and Public Hearing Representation, and all facets of Permit Acquisition and Entitlements.

Our professional planning services include:

  • Subdivision and Planned Unit Development Planning
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Zone Changes
  • Variance Representation
  • Flood Plain Development Planning and Permitting
  • State and Federal Permits including:
    • Water Rights
    • Highway Encroachments
    • Dock Permits
    • Wetland Permits