Andy Tom, Professional Engineer, Spokane Location

Andy has been working with JAS since May of 2004 and holds a BSCE and MSCE from the University of Washington and an MBA in Finance from Eastern Washington University. 

Andy is the Professional Civil Engineer at the JAS Spokane location.

Darrin Hunter, Construction Inspector, Newport Location

Darrin has been with JAS since December of 1996, where he started as a Computer Aided Drafter and currently is a Construction Inspector. 

Darrin holds WAQTC and ACI certifications and is proud to work in this line of work. 

He enjoys hunting and fishing and spending time with his daughter.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“The people who work here work as a team, and it is a relaxing atmosphere.”

Henry Brown, Field Survey Technician, Sandpoint Location

Henry has been working with JAS since August 2021 as a Field Survey Technician, working towards becoming a Survey Party Chief. 

One of Henry’s most significant accomplishments was graduating with a Political Science Degree. 

Henry enjoys dirt biking, skiing, shooting, and camping.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“The people are friendly and laid back.”

Isabella Davis, Administrative Assistant, Sandpoint Location

Isabella has been working at JAS since March of 2021, where she is the Administrative Assistant for the JAS Sandpoint location. She has a goal to become a Surveying or Engineering Technician in the future.

Isabella has training in AutoCAD and is Microsoft Word/Excel Certified.

She is most proud of graduating a year and a half early from High School and being a part of the National Society of High School Scholars. 

In her free time, Isabella enjoys softball, wildlife biology, and art in many forms.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“The environment is just amazing, and I get to do a variety of tasks.”

Jeff Jensen, Professional Engineer, Sandpoint Location

Jeff has been with JAS since October 2007, where he started as an Engineer In Training and is currently a Professional Civil Engineer in the State of Idaho.

Jeff has a Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is most proud of the work done on the Windbag Marina and War Memorial Field for the City of Sandpoint.

Jeff’s favorite ways to spend time outside work are waterskiing, snow skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and spending time with his four kids and wife.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“I like that I get to work on a variety of different projects in all areas of Civil Engineering.”

Jesse Bailey, Survey Project Manager, Newport Location

Jesse has been with JAS since September of 2005, when he started working as the Computer Aided Drafter for the engineering and survey departments. Today, he works as a Survey Project Manager and maintains the survey crew scheduling and processing of field data information for the Survey Department. 

He is working towards becoming a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.

Jesse obtained his Associates Degree from ITT Technical Institute in 2002 and has been drafting since. Over the years, he has been trained by multiple Professional Land Surveyors to help grow his profession and abilities for JAS.

Some of Jesse’s favored accomplishments include the Dover Bay Planned Unit Development in Dover, ID; the West Bonner Water & Sewer Extension project that included boring underneath the Pend Oreille River to get utilities to the Albeni area; and assisting with the design and construction of the Sacheen Lake Sewer Lagoon Project.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“I think the thing I love most about working at JAS is the diversity of projects and people that I get to work with and that each project has its challenges to overcome.”

Kathy Burgess, Member/Business Manager, Newport Location

Kathy joined the JAS team in December of 1991 as a Secretary/Bookkeeper, which developed into a Business Manager position. She has worked side by side with the ownership for many years and, in 2021, joined the ownership of JAS.

Kathy has various experience in accounting courses, along with years of computer accounting experience. 

One of Kathy’s most favored accomplishments is raising her exceptional children as a single parent and her success in the firm. 

Some of Kathy’s hobbies include cooking, woodworking, and refinishing furniture. She also loves spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“We are family at JAS; I love coming to work every day.”

Kevin Akesson, Member/Professional Engineer, Spokane Location

Kevin has been working at JAS since June 1993 and holds the title of Civil/Structural Engineer, and joined the ownership as a member of the LLC in 2021.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Washington State University.

He is most proud of his eight children and grandchildren and spends his free time on the family farm, engaging in youth sports with his kids, church, and political activism.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“I enjoy solving problems for people on a variety of project styles and improving infrastructure to facilitate human flourishing and human population growth.”

Kevin Koesel, Member/Professional Engineer, Newport Location

Kevin has been with JAS since July 1997. He started as an Engineer-in-Training after receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Washington State University. He received his professional engineering license in Washington State in 2002 and Idaho State in 2011. Kevin joined the JAS ownership as a member of the LLC in 2021. He jokes that he is “working toward trying to keep the ship afloat.”

Kevin has 20+ years of experience working with municipal and private clients assisting with water, sewer, and road projects.

He enjoys time chasing his kids from activity to activity, such as church engagement, 4-H, FFA, and their local county fair, along with running their small farm at home.

Kevin’s most accomplished work has been Sacheen Lake Wastewater Collection and Treatment project, Avista Utilities Cabinet Gorge Dam Domestic Wastewater System Replacement. The West Bonner Water & Sewer District Pend Oreille River Crossings, City of Spirit Lake Well No. 5 Project, and Lake Roosevelt Vacations Fuel Barge Design, to name a few.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“Great group of employees. Definite team environment. Great retention. The team bands together to complete projects. There is a great sense of wanting to produce solutions that are done right, are correct, and will be long lasting.”

Kris Owens, Office/Building Department Administrator, Sandpoint Location

Kris has been working at JAS since January 2015. Kris was the Executive Officer for two different associations prior to joining the JAS team and has many years of customer service.

Kris enjoys gardening, boating, fishing, golfing, white water rafting, and snowshoe volleyball. She notes, “Some of my great accomplishments are being married for so long, raising two beautiful aspiring daughters, and spending quality time with the grandkids.  Also, working full time for this wonderful company!”

Why do you love working at JAS?

“All the services we provide are always interesting, and I enjoy working for the seven cities through the Building Department.”

Matt Reed, Survey Party Chief, Newport Location

Matt has been working with JAS since September 2015, when he was hired as a Survey Field Technician and has since been promoted to Survey Party Chief.

Matt has had years of experience in learning how to survey while on the job, and one of his favorite accomplishments is becoming a Survey Party Chief and learning an amazing new career.

With his time off from work, Matt enjoys time coaching both his amazing boys’ sports teams. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and fishing, golfing, and camping with the entire family.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“I love working here because of all the support I have been given. I really enjoy the people here. I also love the challenge that every day brings.”

Morgan Burgess, Administrative Assistant, Newport Location

Morgan began working at JAS part-time in 2014 as an Administrative Assistant in the Newport location while she was still attending high school. She began working full-time after graduating in June 2016. Morgan provides excellent customer service while answering the phones, assisting clients, other JAS staff, and helping coordinate the survey department projects. In her spare time Morgan enjoys cooking, baking and spending time with her family and animals.

Why do you love working at JAS?

I love the people that I work with and the overall environment.

Nicole Fitch, Engineering Technician, Sandpoint Location

Nicole has been with JAS since June of 2021, where she holds the position of Engineering Technician at the Sandpoint location.

She has a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Engineering Technology with an emphasis in Civil Engineering.

Nicole enjoys riding her horse, camping, road trips, being around her family, and coaching many high school cheerleaders throughout North Idaho. “I am blessed to have a large family within the local area that I love seeing as often as possible.”

Why do you love working at JAS?

“I love that JAS has such amazing ties to the community and that they act like a family.”

Pat Park, Certified Building Inspector, Sandpoint Location

Pat has been working for JAS since June 1999. Pat started as a mechanical inspector and has 11 active certifications through the International Code Council, including Fire Marshal and Building Official. Pat has ambitions to become an ICC-certified Master Code Professional.

Pat provides code interpretation, building inspection, and plan review services. “We also process the building permits for seven cities in north Idaho and Washington.”

Pat enjoys working hard, growing grass, and occasionally mowing the lawn.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“Every project is unique. It’s been quite an experience being involved with people’s dreams and seeing them come to fruition. The JAS position is to treat every person as an investor in our communities. We offer a wide variety of services. During my years, JAS has always encouraged learning opportunities and personal betterment.”

Paul Garneau, Professional Engineer, Sandpoint Location

Paul has been with JAS since January of 2019, when he started as a Professional Civil Engineer. As he furthers his career as a Civil Engineer, Paul is broadening his capabilities and is pursuing a Structural Engineering License. 

Paul has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Washington State University, is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Washington and  Idaho, is an ICC-certified building inspector, and ICC-certified plans examiner.

He feels accomplished in receiving his professional engineering license and working in a career that he is passionate about. 

Paul enjoys hunting, hiking, woodworking, playing ice hockey, and spending time with his two kids and his fantastic wife.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“JAS provides the support and opportunities to grow in my career. It provides that family feel.”

Scott Brown, Member/Professional Engineer, Sandpoint Location

Scott has been working at JAS since September of 2019, where he is currently a Professional Civil Engineer and joined the ownership as a member of the LLC in 2021.

Scott has his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Idaho and Washington.

Scott’s hobbies include boating Lake Pend Oreille, fishing in Costa Rica, and spending time with family and friends. He enjoys creating a balanced work and family life and finds happiness in those successes. 

Why do you love working at JAS?

“JAS employees are fun people to be around and make up a valuable team with diverse professional backgrounds.”

Scott Comfort, Sandpoint Location

Scott moved to Sandpoint, from Phoenix, AZ, in May of 2022 to start work with James A. Sewell & Associates. He loves all things outdoors. Summers are spent camping, fishing, and foraging. In the fall, you will find him in the woods hunting. Winters are spent snowboarding at Schweitzer.

Scott and his wife, Rylan, have five amazing kids. While life can be a bit chaotic, running between school, sporting activities, karate, and dance, they make time to spend outdoors exploring everything North Idaho has to offer.

Scott was hired on at Sewell as a Survey Technician, which still takes up most of his time. In recent months he has taken on the role of Land Use Planner.

He started land surveying while he was in college. While Scott’s major was not in that particular field, he stayed in the industry and has more than 15 years of experience.

When asked, Scott states that his first and foremost biggest accomplishment revolves around his family, “Rylan and I have some really great children that we are very proud of. As far as accomplishments at work go, I would have to say the diversity of workload I’m able to accomplish.”

Why do you love working at JAS?

JAS is such a cool place to come to everyday. First of all, you are right in the middle of some of the most beautiful country in the world. The diversity of projects you get to work on is really cool, you could be working on a lake front property one day, and on top of the mountain the next. I also love the family type atmosphere we have as well. We all get along and treat each other with respect.

Zach Rice, Field Survey Technician, Newport Location

Zach has been working with JAS since June of 2021, when he started as a Field Survey Technician, and is working towards the Survey Party Chief position.

Some of Zach’s favorite accomplishments are getting his position at JAS and purchasing a home for his family. 

Zach enjoys skateboarding, tattooing, and family time with his wife and child.

Why do you love working at JAS?

“Great people and great atmosphere.”