Pend Oreille County, WA

JAS completed the planning, design, and construction oversight for the $15M Sacheen Lake Water & Sewer District Wastewater System Improvements. The project consisted of 8.3 miles of the new collection system, 2.3 miles of the individual service line, and a wastewater treatment and disposal facility serving approximately 320 homes around Sacheen Lake. The wastewater treatment facility consists of a headworks fine screening facility, three aerated treatment/storage lagoons, and 52 acres of forest land application. The collection system includes individual on-site E-One grinder pump installations with a mainline lift station to pump wastewater to the treatment site. The lagoons include a state-of-the-art liner system with an underdrain. The planning phase was completed in 2011. On behalf of the District, we applied for and received an $8.58M loan from the Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF), a $5M DOE grant, and a $6M zero-interest DOE loan. The total project cost was $15M, and the project was completed in 2016.

As a commissioner for the Sacheen Lake Sewer and Water District, I know that we are very fortunate to partner with James A. Sewell and Associates Engineering for our around-the-lake sewer project. They guided us step by step from conceptual design and budgeting through regulatory agencies the detailed design, bidding, and construction management phases. They are professionals and are excellent at presenting the project to our constituents.