Newport, WA

JAS has been providing engineering services to Aerocell Inc./Zodiac Aerospace/Safran Cabin Materials on an as-needed basis since 1999.  Even though the facility has changed ownership over the years, since 1999 it has remained in use as a composite parts manufacturing facility for the aerospace industry.  The manufacturer’s have retained JAS to address building structure modifications required for manufacturing process changes and to design a repair for a catastrophic event. 

On July 14, 2015, an explosion occurred at the Zodiac Aerospace plant.  The explosion caused a large portion of the roof to collapse into the building and destroyed or damaged beyond repair a total of thirteen 10’ wide by 70’ span double tee precast prestressed concrete roof members.  JAS was retained 2 days later to inspect the damage, determine how to address the damage in the short term, determine what areas of the facility could be returned to service safely, and develop a structural design to repair the roof and return the facility to normal operations.  JAS completed the design of the repair within one month and worked with the owner and contractor throughout the construction process to return the plant to normal operations as quickly as possible.  Construction was completed by the end of October 2015 and the plant returned to normal operations shortly thereafter.  JAS provide construction inspection services and construction phase engineering throughout the construction.

JAS continues to work with Safran Cabin Materials as requested for desired building structure modifications.