Jed has been working at JAS since June 2022. When he is not at work, he enjoys Hiking, bike touring, hunting, foraging, gardening, and cooking.

Jed started at JAS as a licensed Civil Engineer and intends to become a more experienced and accomplished engineer as time goes on. He looks forward to taking on more projects and seeing the area develop responsibly and sustainably as the years go by.

Jed received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Civil Engineering and worked at a few different engineering firms in Wisconsin, where he was able to see a broad variety of private and municipal projects.  He has done other courses and trainings but nothing comes close to project experience, in his opinion.

Why do you love working at JAS?  

“Working for JAS is great because we see a large variety of projects and responsibilities.  I also enjoy the size of the company, where I get to genuinely connect with my coworkers who are enthusiastic about the area and the work they do.  There is a lot of trust and respect for the company and the community, and every client interaction has been great.  I also love the challenging yet beautiful project sites in the area; it is very rewarding to work with what nature provides to help clients meet their goals.”