Evan has been working with JAS since July of 2021 when he was hired as a Professional Land Surveyor. 

Evan has over 40 years of combined education and experience in land surveying. He has been working in and studying surveying since he was 17.  Evan has a Bachelor’s Degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology in Surveying and has been licensed as a surveyor since 1995.  

He has been a speaker and instructor on boundary survey topics for several professional societies, state and multi-state conferences, chapters, and license exam review sessions since 2013. 

Some of Evan’s favored accomplishments are raising three special needs kids and being married to his wonderful wife of 23 years “and counting.” Professionally, Evan is obtaining his degree in a field of work and study that he has enjoyed in his adult life. He feels challenged and rewarded and has been thankful to help many others advance their knowledge in many aspects of land surveying and has seen several of them attain professional licensing and move forward in their careers.