Nestled in the Selkirk Mountain Range in the northeast corner of Washington State, the Box Canyon Hydroelectric Project produces low-cost electricity from water, a clean and renewable energy source. Box Canyon operates in a “ run-of-the-river “ mode, which is flanked by steep rock cliffs and situated in a narrow portion of the state’s second-largest river, the Pend Oreille (Pond-er-ray); Box Canyon operates in a “run-of-the-river” mode, using water as it is available.

The Box Canyon Hydroelectric Project is owned by Pend Oreille County and operated by Pend Oreille PUD. Construction of the project began in 1952 and was completed in 1956. Our PUD was the first PUD in the state to build its own dam. There were no local, state, or federal tax dollars used in its construction.

Today, since the generation first began in 1956, the Box Canyon Hydroelectric Project provides its customers with clean, reliable, and competitively priced energy. Power from Box Canyon is transmitted along the PUD’s transmission line for distribution to its customers.