Clark Fork, ID

JAS was contracted by Avista Utilities in 2011 to investigate and then design a wastewater treatment and disposal option for the Cabinet Gorge Dam located on the Clark Fork River at the Idaho/Montana State Line. The project consisted of an investigation of a myriad of wastewater options, including; mechanical treatment, on-site disposal, and transportation away from the site.

The selected alternative consisted of pumping the wastewater that is collected in the dam to a remote site within the project boundaries for on-site treatment and disposal. The powerhouse is located in a rock-cut approximately 200’ below the surrounding canyon walls. Vertical rock cliffs surround the powerhouse. The project drilled and installed a pipeline downhill into the powerhouse from approximately 600 feet upgradient and exited in an 8-foot by 8-foot location in the oil room. The project was completed in 2014.

Sewell’s experience and innovation helped us to develop an effective solution to our difficult sewage disposal problem at Cabinet Gorge.